Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The crib quilt...finished!!

We were in Indiana over Easter weekend visiting my brother Tom, and his wife Liz, and our nieces Jessica and Jodi. We go every other year usually for Easter.

 I had sewn all 130 squares of the crib quilt together before we left and we had planned to get some progress done on both quilts. But we ended up finishing the Avery's crib quilt. The crib quilt is the smaller version of the 100 good wishes quilt. We had a lot of material left over, and so we decided to make a smaller version that we could pack and take to China to receive Avery with. Not everyone's fabric is in this quilt, and we repeated a lot of the fabric but it has  the same idea as the big quilt.

 Gary, and Liz, and another cousin of ours, Lisa Scofield (Mark's wife), and myself all got together and tied the quilt. We didn't really know what we were doing but figured it out and got it all tied. Lisa, who does quilting all the time actually took the quilt home with her overnight and put the binding on the quilt for us. She did it over night!! The quilt is so gorgeous!! Thank you to Lisa, and Liz for their help!!

Liz and I actually got the top sheet of the big quilt all sewn together on Easter Sunday before Gary and I had to leave. I had a lot of the squares already sewn together, but sections had to be put together, so Liz, who is a fantastic seamstress, did that for me. There are 132 squares in her big quilt. So we made a lot progress while in Indiana.

More than I can tell you all right now, also!!  BUt we are so happy and pleased with both of the quilts!! We plan on tying the big one soon, and having a bunch of people help with that!!

Can't wait to see Avery wrapped up in both!!
Thank you to everyone who sent fabric for her quilt!!

Enjoy your day!!
~Allison  :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The smaller quilt...

I cut out 130 squares today for the smaller quilt that we can take with us to China when we go get Avery. It doesn't have everyone's fabric in it, but it still looks really cute!!

~Alli  :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

the L side bottom corner...

All four corners of the quilt have ladybug material. Also the middle of the quilt is lady bugs, and surrounded by material that Gary and I put in.

It was a lot of work this far, so I'm hoping for some help when we go to tie the quilt. May have to have a quilt tying party-FUN!!


the third new set...

Some of these you saw in an earlier post in a different spot, but there was bunching going on that bothered me, so I had to fix some of the squares and then put them in a different spot...

the second group of last weekend...

the second grouping...

The latest quilt squares attached over the weekend...

I got the rest of the squares attached in sections over the weekend. There are 2 spaces left which we think might be filled, just waiting. Then all we have to do is attach them all together, and get the backing, and the filler. I'm going to put something on the back of her quilt, just need to get it straight in my head what I want to do...

Here's the first group...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

the next 8...24 total today...

Here's the next 8 and I was planning to do another 24...we'll see...I'm tired.

Progress on the quilt squares sewing...

I've been at it again this weekend...
Here are the first 8 squares of today and the second picture is the next 8 squares. 16 done so far today and I have plans to do another 24...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have more wishes and fabric...

We do have over 130 squares of fabric in her quilt right now. There are more pages to come but we don't have them because we received fabric without the pages, or I'm waiting on the poem, quote, wish to finish their page.

But it is exciting to finally update the quilt blog and look at all the pages again!

~Alli  :)

Wish #94 about Aunt Jennie

Click image for larger view!

This is Allison's Aunt Jennie.

Aunt Jennie is Cindy's Mom. I grew up going out and about with her all the time. They lived at the other end of our road, and I loved doing errands with Aunt Jennie. She worked at the salebarn where my dad worked, and actually my Grandma Scofield worked there too!! I would go with her to serve the food to all the buyers and workers at the Empire salebarn. We would go a couple times a week to get groceries and do errands. I spent a lot of time at Aunt jennie's house. We would go all the time to baker Boy and get donuts and hot chocolate. I loved spending time with Aunt Jennie. She was a great lady, and was always behind whatever you were doing, very supportive!

So I put this fabric with the coffee mugs on it to remind me of all the time we went out for hot chocolate and donuts. I will tell stories to Avery of those times, and make a point to get donuts or whatever with my daughter on a regular basis to have talks, and make memories!!

Love, Allison

Wish #93 from the Starling Family

Click image for larger view!

This wish is from one of Gary's highschool friends. Robin (Castleman) is one of Gary's good friends from school. They were in the musicals together, and swing choir, and hung out together all the time. We got to see Robin and her family last Summer at their 20 year class reunion. Robin is one of nicest people you will ever meet!!

Thank you for being part of Avery's quilt!!

Wish #92 from the Janz family

Click image for larger view!

Here is the second wish and fabric from the Janz's.
Thank you again for being part of her quilt!!

Wish #91 from the Janz Family

Click image for larger view!

Kristin is a highschool friend that has moved back to this area and we have picked up our friendship again. It is so great to have a friend the same age, and someone who understands a lot of what we've been through. Kristin and her husband have a 3 year old little boy, Jacob. A cutie that will win you over in a second!! Kristin has been super helpful with the special needs list and medical stuff, she is a pediatric RN. I am excited to have an old friend back in my life, and can't wait for her family to meet our Avery when she gets here!

This is the first of 2 wishes and squares they sent!
Thank you for being a part of Avery's quilt!

Wish #90 from Mommy & Daddy

Click image for larger view

We have put many wishes and fabric into Avery's quilt but I think we should have. We will be the foundation of her world, her family. It all starts with us, and she is our center. So our little ladybug, our little Avery Lin, you are coming to us very soon and I can see you now, you are our destiny!!

Love & Hugs to our little Love Bug!!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Wish #89 from Mommy

Click image for larger view!

This is my wish for Avery. One of my most favorite quotes is this one. I truly believe in being the change. In going your own way because you feel it's right, and in fighting against people who you feel are wrong, and not be a carbon copy of people, be your unique self!! I will pass this on to Avery as she grows up. I think she will need a strong sense of self and we will be there to help nurture that everyday as she grows into the wonderful girl that is her!!

Mommy can't wait for you to get here!! We are here and waiting and I know you are close!! Just waiting to see your face!!

Love you to the moon and back a thousand times over,
~Mommy  (MA MA)